Top 10 Best Deck Boxes

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There are many different kinds of storage for your deck. The most convenient type of storage out there is a deck box. Deck boxes come in many shapes and sizes. Although these are my top 10, there are many different great options out there.

This guide will list the top 10 deck boxes that I found and how they compare in size, durability and looks.

Size is important when it comes to storage. Everyone has different circumstances with how much space they have to spare on their deck and also different uses for their deck box.

Durability is crucial when it comes to deck boxes. You don’t want your brand new deck box falling apart after a month of use. I will find the most durable options to make your purchase worthwhile.

Looks of a deck box are also key to a stylish deck or patio. I will explore different colors and styles of deck boxes so that you can choose one that will look best for your needs.

Deck BoxStorage (gallons) Price Bonus
Keter Westwood150$145-Seats 2 adults
-A place for a lock
Suncast 22 Gallon22$40-Easy to assemble
-Seats 1 person
Lifetime Deck Box80 – 150$135 – 220-Heavy duty
YardStash Outdoor150$120-Easy to assemble
Rubbermaid Deck Box20 – 120$50 – 150-Seats 2 adults
Amazon Basics Deck box22 – 99$40 – 110-Weather-resistant
-Easily Assembled
Victoria Young Deck Box60$190-Cushioned
Suncast Hybrid Deck Box120$200-Fashionable cedar siding
-Weather resistant
Duramax Durabox71$70-Weather, fade and mildew resistant
Starplast with sit-on cover73 – 103$100 – 175-Wheels for transport
-Seats 2 adults

1. Keter Westwood Deck Box 150 Gallon

This deck box is affordable, sleek and durable. In terms of deck box storage and size, it is on the large end. Storage compacity in gallons is 150 and the outside dimensions are 61 in. x 28. 5 in. x 25. 4 in. at the price of $145.

The Keter Westwood is very durable and very fashionable. It is made with a weather-resistant resin that keeps all your stored possessions safe from the elements. Another feature to keep your items safe in storage is the handy lock option on the latch.

Buy it on Amazon Here.

2. Suncast 22 Gallon Storage Seat

Don’t let the small storage space fool you, this deck box comes highly recommended. Storage compacity is 22 Gallon and the dimensions are 15″L x 15″W x 20″H priced at around $40.

This model of Suncast’s comes in many different colors and styles from a gray to a brown so you are sure to find one that fits your style. You can also find different styles.

One of the things that I like about this deck box is that it is easy to assemble (no tools required) and it doubles as a seat.

Buy it on Amazon Here.

3. Lifetime Deck Box

This deck box comes in a few different sizes and colors. I would recommend this deck box to someone who wants quality but doesn’t necessarily care for a decorative deck box. It is not your cheapest option but you do have to pay for quality.

This box is weather resistant with a seal to keep water out and weather resistant steel hinges. One of the things I really like about this box is it opens more than 90 degrees and won’t slam shut when you close it. Assembly for the Lifetime is easy.

Buy it on Amazon Here.

4. YardStash Outdoor

This deck box is one of my personal favorites. It’s not the easiest on the eyes as far as looks go. But the YardStash is a pole frame with a tarp cover. The tarp cover is weatherproof but also breathable so you don’t get mold.

The Yardstash deck box is easily assembled and taken apart. It comes in a couple of different sizes but the main size is 150 gallons. The cost of the YardStash is a little over 100 dollars but its really worth it.

But it on Amazon Here.

5. Rubbermaid Deck Box

Rubbermaid is a pretty well-known brand for making anything plastic from Tupperware to sheds. This Roughneck series made by Rubbermaid, like some of the other deck boxes comes in a few different sizes from mini (about 20 gallons) to extra-large (about 120 gallons).

In my personal opinion, it is not the best looking deck box but does come in 2 colors. A lot of people in the reviews claimed that the assembly was kind of a pain, but said overall it is a sturdy design made to last.

Get it on Amazon here.

6. Amazon Basics Deck Box

Along with all the other things that Amazon makes, they also make a deck box. They come in 2 sizes, 22 gallons, and 99 gallons. It is made of a weather-resistant resin making it suitable for outdoors.

This deck box is pretty affordable costing about $40 for the small size and $110 for the large size. Only the small size doubles as a seat but the large one can be locked externally. In terms of looks, it is a pretty basic deck box look with fake wood slats.

Get it from Amazon here.

7. Victoria Young Deck Box

The reason I put the Victoria Young Deck Box on here is that it is very aesthetically pleasing with a weather-resistant cushion on top for sitting. It is an aluminum frame that is wrapped in hand-woven leather making a very beautiful bench that hardly looks like a deck box.

This elegant looking deck box can hold 60 gallons and costs about $190. One of the cool things about this deck box is that it can be used indoor and outdoor and still look very fashionable.

Get it on Amazon here

8. Suncast Hybrid Deck Box

Trying to diversify your search, I tried to put in different brands. This is the second Suncast deck box I have put in because this one is too good to leave out. This deck box has a cedar sidewall that looks fantastic and at the same time is weather-resistant.

The size of the Suncast Hybrid is 120 gallons making it a larger edition to your deck. The cost of it is about 200$ making it a little more expensive than most deck boxes but the real cedar in this deck box makes it all worth it.

Check it out on Amazon here

9. Duramax Durabox

Duramax Durabox is also one of my favorite deck boxes. It is made of sleek brown polypropylene making it durable, strong, long-lasting and fade resistant.

The size of this deck box is 71 gallons which would put it in a mid-sized category in terms of size. The price of this product runs about $70 which makes it fairly affordable.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

10. Starplast with Sit-On Cover

I really like this design that Starplast makes. One of the main reasons I would recommend this deck box is because of the wheels on the bottom that make transporting easy and convenient. I noticed that a lot of other deck boxes really have no convenient way to move them.

This deck box also is a little more appealing than other deck boxes that I’ve researched. It comes in beige and green or brown and green. It comes in 2 sizes 73 gallons or 103 gallons and will cost roughly $100 – 175.

Look at this box on Amazon by clicking here.

Tips to Find What Deck Box Suits Your Needs:

  • Always look at reviews – Note: People will usually post negative reviews on products when product is not what they expected or doesn’t suit their needs whereas people who like the product don’t always review it.
  • Determine what size before you buy – before you buy, decide where you want to put the deck box and measure that space. There are typical dimensions online of every deck box in its description and make sure it will fit in your desired spot.
  • Functionality vs. Aesthetics – usually you will have to choose between functional and visually pleasing. Many of your hardwood deck boxes will not be weather resistant. Likewise, many of your weather-resistant boxes will be made of resin and can even be an eye-sore. This isn’t the case every time but make sure you get what you desire.
  • Find the Best Deal – Since deck boxes are a fairly common item to have, many stores carry them. Search around for the best deal even if it takes 5 extra minutes out of your day.
  • Should you consider weather-resistance? – You might want to consider where you live when buying a deck box. If you live in a harsh climate you might want to consider a weather-resistant deck box. If you live in a hot climate with the harsh sun, you might want to consider a fade-resistant deck box. Unless your deck is covered these are good things to consider.

Although it may seem daunting looking for a new deck box that suits you, don’t stress. These recommended deck boxes have all sorts of different qualities so that you can pick and choose what features you want.

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